Does God punish us with COVID-19?

This is the subject related to what is happening in the world now ( does God punish people with plagues (COVID-19)? Numbers 14: 11- 12- Numbers 16.

These questions rise every time some thing happened. I believe those who ask this question they know one side of God, they believe that God so kind, he is love, he has patient, long suffering, but they forget that God is Holy, Hates sin and He is Just and righteous. Then they say God does not punish people.

Our subject in this program is Does God punish people? Does He punish His people?

Can we consider COVID-19 a punishment from God because the evil that people do?

There are many verses in the Bible speak about that and other speak about God is love and he forgive people sin.

In book of number this verse include both sides when Moses spoke with God about the people in book of Number 14: 17- 18

  • With COVID-19, some people considered it a punishment from God (like Islam and some Christians) other said it is not a punishment from God.

In light of Number 14: 11-12 can we consider COVID-19 a punishment from the lord? Or how do we explain these to verse and what does this text tell us today

  • In light of what happened in Number 14 could we consider it judgment or discipline?
  • Is there a relationship between the wrath of God and His forgiveness